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Alpha Plus Technologies is a common man’s creation, a dream of a person just like anyone of us. It is home to coding enthusiasts, marketers, troubleshooters, lawyers, number crunchers, product makers, talent identifiers and people that enjoy simplifying other people’s life – not only through our products, but the small things we do every day at work!




Our core values are our fundamental beliefs, our principles, our guides.

Our values have been given to us by our founders and our learnings over the years.

Over the years, the values have been fine-tuned, reinforced, re-prioritized, but never changed!



We are trustworthy, transparent, sincere, and act in good faith. Ethics and Integrity have been the hallmark of Alpha Plus since inception – no compromises ever!



Passion & “Plus” Factor

We create with deep sense of passion and “Plus” is not just the better-half of Alpha Plus – it is in the DNA! Everything we do has a “Plus” to it – consistently, unwaveringly. We go beyond the call of expectation and this drives us, motivates us to do even better, strive hard, keep inventing, re-inventing, and innovating.


Unique – Holistic Innovation

Our Products & Services are unique, niche and holistic – innovated well ahead of their times and deliver value over the long-term.


Knowledge Empowerment

‘Knowledge’ is our principle enabler! Our product ideas revolve around the concepts of ‘knowledge empowerment’ and ‘awareness’. We are ever eager to learn and share what we know with co-workers and customers alike. We constantly encourage our teams to enrich knowledge and pursue informed awareness in their personal and professional lives.



Empathetic Partnership

Be it co-workers or customers or suppliers, we have together made Alpha Plus what it is! Alpha Plus is a Private Company, but co-workers are shareholders too. Our customers place their trust for Products / Services with us based on mere concepts & the Partnership starts right there. We empathize and listen closely to understand their needs. Our suppliers work with us life-long to mutually grow the business as partners-in-progress. Everyone benefits!

Live Your Best Life Here

We want people to thrive at Alpha Plus; we believe you do your best work when you feel your best. We want everyone to have a work-life balance (that’s why we keep sane working hours), take time-off & travel, get time for family, friends and of course, yourself, and also have the opportunity for learning and personal development. Of course, we offer flexible working hours, referral bonuses, hot chocolate on the house, birthday bonuses… here are some of the benefits we’re proud to make available to our team.

Health Coverage Plans

Health and safety of our people and their families is most important for us. We have health coverage for you and your family that keeps you covered and stress-free.

Generous Parental Leaves

We understand the importance of family, and you will always find us by your side during this juncture of your life. We encourage new parents to take time off to relish this lifetime moment of welcoming a member to the family.

Continuous Learning & Development

We love learning! Pursue personal and professional development opportunity of your choice, and we are here to support you. Like we always say, anything for knowledge!
You learn. We pay! 

Spot Bonuses

If there is any good time to be rewarded for great work is AT THAT MOMENT! We have some generous cash rewards for showing excellency at work. And the best part you get it then and there!!!


We are all eligible for equity awards, and we have big plans. Loyalty here is rewarded with
bonus shares. We believe in growing together!

Paid Time for Your Holiday

Recharge your batteries! We provide plenty of paid holidays for you to visit your next dream destination and get a break from your desk.

The Way We Work

We believe all the teams have potential to do amazing things in the world. We invest in people so they can live their best lives at work and at home.

All AlPha PLus Employees are commonly referred to as APPLEs, and yes, we are some of the sweetest apples you will find around! We have a vibrant work space located in Mumbai. We practice an open-door policy at work, our entire team sits together, communicates and collaborates openly. Our sincerity, sense of belongingness, hard work and client love means the world to us!

We truly believe in the proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Our People Investment (PI) team endeavors and constantly makes efforts to engage and give APPLEs several opportunities for team-bonding time. The entire APT team indulges in get-togethers, pot lunches, talent shows, sports day, movie days, nature trails, hikes, etc. to break the ice and let loose, at least once every quarter!

We wish to develop a community where in addition to honing the skills and bringing out the best in the APPLEs professionally, Alpha Plus ensures that the environment constantly remains charged with discussions that are conducive to their growth and all-round development.

Our Culture

At Alpha Plus, the core foundation of our Culture has stood the test of time and remains etched in our environment – time and place notwithstanding!


Great Place to Learn and Grow


Diverse & Inclusive Family That Treats All Equally


Environment of Mutual Respect and Success Sharing


Flat & Free-Spirited Collaboration Among Co-Workers


Sustainable, Thorough & Transparent Decision-Making


Place Where Knowledge, Commitment & Loyalty are Cherished

Environment of mutual respect,
dignity and equality

We value and respect people of all backgrounds and have respect and admiration for everyone. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation and creativity, and that’s our secret sauce to build a culture where everyone feels included. We are proud of our women workforce as much as our male workforce and love it that we are almost always at the 50 – 50 mark. Togetherwe can drive to create an equal workplace and world for all.

A free-spirited environment where each one is encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas

Feeling secure and freedom of speech are something that you will cherish at Alpha Plus. We establish trust with our employees by communicating honestly and transparently and empower our people to voice ideas, opinions, and feedback. Be it an intern or a veteran with decades of experience – everyone can voice their opinion and transparency in communication is maintained at all levels.

Relaunch Your Career

Would you want to return back to work at a company that values your skills and experience?

Return back to work and relaunch your career with Alpha Plus Technologies. We would like to welcome you to your new beginning! Your experience matters to us, not your age or that you had to be away on a career break for a few years! We know transitioning back to work isn’t easy, and we will assist you in every way possible!

We are more than happy to have experienced individuals like you, who have had previous experience ideally in product innovation, banking, financial services, technology, talent management, marketing, etc. who had to take a break (owing to medical grounds, marriage, relocation to another city, pregnancy, caregivers, retirement, etc.), to come and join our work family, in case you are interested in returning back to work on permanent & full- time basis

All we expect from you is to be a team player, enthusiastic to learn and share, adaptable, and have the desire to do great work.


The choice is yours...

The opportunities are endless.


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