Your automation partner to build an ecosystem of compliance testing in your organization


A mechanism to validate the
effectiveness of your
compliance framework

TestCheck+ is a comprehensive on-site and off-site compliance testing software that assists Institutions right from test
planning to conducting, coupled with data sampling, action tracking, test scorecard generation and analytical test outcomes
via a centralized mechanism. It supports a compliance roadmap for an organization replete with compliance testing.

Better comfort to Regulators and Top Management
We live in a world surrounded by data and statistics. Each day tons of data gets collected, processed and analyzed. But have you thought ‘What is the accuracy of the data submitted?’ A good compliance monitoring as well as regulatory prescriptions necessitate validation of data or evidence documents collected. Automated test checking helps in establishing confidence in compliance monitoring program and getting a fair view of the compliance status. Unique dashboards with score cards, risk matrices, ATRs, etc. for CEO, Chief Compliance Officers, and other Management Teams can aid with reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated implications.

Build a comprehensive compliance structure!

Streamline end-to-end compliance
End-to-end compliance testing automation is vital in letting you do more with less. TestCheck+ facilitates on-site and off-site testing requirements, enabling you to validate any specific area / regulation over the whole of your organization. Create your test programs, define specific points to be tested, manage evidence, data sampling, appoint testers, schedule the test, and review comments in a central place. Tests can be templatized and reused, thus, preventing you from wasting time by having to start from scratch each time. This automation envisions planning, test scoring, innovative data sampling, coupled with post-testing actionable tracking & detailed MIS.

Let automation come to your rescue!

A compliance testing partner that supports you till the finish line
Leverage the ATR module to keep a track of all failed points arising out of each testing cycle, to ensure that these are successfully closed. The tester is empowered to suggest corrective measure(s) / actionable for the non-complied points. TestCheck+ supports posting-testing actionable tracking very effectively with intuitive dashboards and detailed MIS.


Actionable closure is the core for bringing improvements; but sadly, highly ignored!

Get conformance
on authentic implementation/ adoption of regulatory and internal directives – use TestCheck+!

We come along, hand-in-hand, for the entire journey

TestCheck+ is a blank canvas that assists you in sampling, scheduling, collecting, analyzing and verifying all your compliance data. The tool has been designed in a way that creates multiple test programs, comprising of several test cases, bundled with customizable templates and reusable test points to suit your compliance needs. The tester assigns a score to each test points basis risk level, risk type, nature of conducting the test, etc. They can take the test on-site or off-site and submit supporting documents as a reference. The test results are depicted as scorecards, in addition to MIS based dashboards for critical statistics that are easy to understand for you to know status and suggest future actions. Tests can be replicated and reused, at a click of a button.

Switch from manual to automative ways

The manual ways of testing like traditional spreadsheets, emails, or paper-based checklists, etc. mean the required information shall be hard to retrieve, access, manage and reference in the future. Additionally, the information is scattered across geographies and requires time, effort, and human labor to source it. TestCheck+ has automated the entire process of manual testing to digital. You can now conduct a test, store all information, reports, etc. on a centralized system and it is even armed with industry-leading security provisions to ensure all your critical information stays safe and within your reach. The architecture and framework of the software has been designed to scale to your organization’s needs, ensure real-time test status, generate audit trail reports for absolute control, while ensuring role-based access to safeguard authorized users only can access the tool.

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with everything you to need to create and roll out organization wide compliance tests. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus Suite of Products.

For action-based compliance certification & monitoring to achieve the compliance culture your desire for your organization.

With this task delegation & tracking software, plan your returns calendar, track actionable originating from regulatory audits to compeltion.

Say goodbye to time consuming paper or excel-based testing, switch to TestCheck+!

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