Your automation partner to build an ecosystem of compliance testing in your organization


Compliance data is priceless,
we make testing it affordable!

TestCheck+ is a single, dynamic and scalable tool, to support all your compliance testing requirements. This astute concept is intended to assist you with centralized management of your On-site & Off-site Compliance Testing right from Test Planning & Preparation, to Test Conduct & Data Sampling; from Action Tracking for Test Outcomes to generating Test Scorecards & key dashboards meant for the Management’s assessment. The On-site and Off-site test mechanism shall ensure testing both, – where you can reach for physical / representative testing as well as those offices which are out of the scope of physical testing or do not merit an on-site visit. Best of all, the system has in-built capabilities of live tracking for all ATR arising out of each testing iteration, thereby, ensuring that each action-item is monitored to completion. 

It has everything that your Compliance Team is looking for....

Create compliance tests, fast and easy!
Planning and rolling out an organization-wide compliance test can be a cumbersome task that involves a lot of human intervention and time investment. With TestCheck+, you can now plan, create, and rollout tests as per your schedule, from a single screen. The solution assists the tester to set up the test plan, sought evidences from the testing entity and get their data point verified. The same test program can get replicated ‘n’ number of times to test other entities. 

Seek the desired information, your way!
One of the major problems in manual testing is that the information needs to be sourced from multiple people who are placed across different geographies and owing to heavy reliance on manual files, accessibility is always a challenge! With TestCheck+, we automate and streamline the entire testing journey so that information makes way to your system just at the click of a button. 

Ensure each action-item is monitored to completion
With TestCheck+, test points can be categorized basis risks and a scoring mechanism can be assigned to each test point to enable a structured mechanism for conducting tests. The tester can pass or fail a test point with a provision to assign an actionable for failed pointers and auto-tracking till final closure. 

Your automation partner to build an ecosystem of compliance testing
In a general business scenario, testing is an expensive, labor-intensive, and a time-consuming activity. TestCheck+ not only makes the entire testing process simple and affordable but it empowers the team to design tests basis their needs / regulatory requirements and generate reports that are most useful for their organization/business operations. It empowers the compliance teams to furnish quality and timely reports to the Regulatory Authorities. 

It has everything that your Management is looking for....

Mimic the real experience of testing with benefits of automation
TestCheck+ replicates the compliance testing journey on a digital platform. Management gets end-to-end visibility on the real time status of the tests being planned & conducted in addition to an oversight on organization-wide test results, action taken to rectify compliance failures and / or view areas of repeat non-compliances in a given period of time.

View data running into multiple pages into simple MIS Dashboards
Testing an organization’s data in periodic intervals is not an easy task; live tracking each test is almost next to impossible. With TestCheck+, get ready dashboards which list all details of tests that are in progress, not initiated, to be scheduled, at report finalization stage, ATR, etc. on real-time basis. There is a provision to view annual coverage of tests via graphical & analytical representation of reports.

Insightful & uncomplicated score results
We get you the minutest detail about the compliance test quickly and in a way that it is easy to understand. Each test point can be assigned a scoring mechanism. Sectional cut-offs for passing the tests can be defined. Entity-based scorecards can be extracted for department(s)/ office(s), on a periodic basis to understand bottlenecks and identify compliance failures. 

Enjoyable user experience
Our end-to-end compliance testing automation gives your team a system guided approach to plan and conduct tests, reuse test templates and limit human intervention, time and money investment to the extent possible. Trust us, once you start using  TestCheck+ you will never want to go back to manual testing.

Configure & Implement


TestCheck+ can be configured to your
needs. With TestCheck+ you get the flexibility to define your test programs, test cases to conduct planned and / or theme-based testing. Our team shall assist you with industry best practices through this journey. 


Once you procure TestCheck+ , leave it to us to make your Compliance Testing transformation vision come true! We have an in-house team of functional and technical experts who handle the implementation process on-cloud & on your premise right from procurement to successfully making the system live for you – the way you want!

Training & Client Assistance​

Our engagement does not end once you become a client; It is only the beginning of a long-standing association. Our in-house support desk extends technical assistance whenever you need us. We also offer specialized training and best practices audits for your teams to make sure they are comfortable with various features & functionalities & deriving maximum value.
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