Making you see whether you are compliant or no… Peace & accountability for everyone


Achieve the Compliance Culture YOU desire for your Organization!

Cermo+NXT is a web-based platform to help you proactively manage compliance reporting and monitoring requirements with the rules, regulations and laws of the land, applicable to your organization, while maintaining absolute security and control!

Guiding you always, wherever you go!

While companies fear penalties and loss of reputation due to non-compliance, they find it difficult to monitor and manage their compliance obligations due to lack of a centralized registry of applicable compliances, the constantly evolving regulatory landscape, expanding business activities, skewed compliance reporting with initiatives that are tedious and manually driven, etc. Cermo+NXT aims to address all these challenges!

Your Compliance Partner has got it all covered!

Promotes action-based compliance reporting & monitoring

Ensure live and real-time, action-based compliance status. Like an insurance cover, get an assurance backed with minutest detail and not just an unsupported blanket certificate that “All is Well” from within the organization

Switch to proactive checks rather than reactive measures.

We believe that you need to be in the know-how

Increased visibility & oversight into individual activity-specific compliance deviations is imminent for the management to facilitate timely remediation / intervention. With ready-made, highly configurable reports and dashboards, assess compliance status and check consistency of Compliance and Non-Compliance at each Office/Department
over a period of time.

Stay Informed!

Compliance cannot be superficial... it requires acceptance from the top & the core!

Our compliance management solution, Cermo+NXT is an end-to-end compliance automation software that allows you to stay on top of your regulatory & statutory compliance status by encouraging periodic certification and monitoring of the obligations applicable to your organization. It is a scalable and flexible tool that combines the ideal mind-set and knowledge of compliance veterans and practical experience of technology creators & products designers who have together witnessed the automation being adopted by all sizes of organization over our decade-long successful existence, to help build and support a compliance-first culture and knowledge oriented staff!

Fearing Penalties or Loss of Reputation
due to Non-Compliance?

We come along, hand-in-hand, for the entire journey

We begin right from extending compliance consultancy with identification of Regulatory & Statutory Content Registry (for banking verticals), coupled with rich expertise of mapping accountability to concerned stakeholder(s), followed by automating reporting and monitoring of compliance position through Cermo+NXT with proof of compliance, auto-reminders, varying reporting-periodicities, etc. moving to the on-going effort to encourage & support Certifiers, Monitors and Management for holistic acceptance in the culture while ensuring involvement across all levels… thus, truly empowering the Compliance Function and making it your go-to compliance management solution!

Be smart, play safe – you are Important!

Traditional spreadsheets and emails system mean all of your compliance information is hard to access and manage. Cermo+NXT houses all your information in a centralized system and is armed with industry leading security provisions to ensure all your critical information stays safe and within your reach. The architecture and framework of the software has been designed to support scalability, ensure best performance, have detailed audit trail reports for absolute control and role-based access to ensure authorized users only can access the tool

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with everything you need to achieve the knowledge and compliance management requirements of your organization. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus Suite of Products.

With this task assignment & tracking software, enable a control over implementation of the day-to-day regulatory instructions in a time-bound manner

A comprehensive & extremely popular regulatory & statutory knowledge repository for the Indian BFSI industry

This could be the foundation of a wonderful relationship

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