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IncidenTrack+ is a centralized repository of reported incidents and corrective actions taken with a complete visibility on the investigation process and TATs! This browser-based solution helps organizations to become aware of deviations seen in the normal course of business and reduces the risk of incidents becoming crises in the future.

Deep dive into end-to-end incident management via a single system
Incidents (major or minor) occur in every organization which can cause significant risk(s) that damage(s) the reputation of the company, possibly leading to financial losses. Usually these incidents are reported manually, which makes it cumbersome to track, investigate and course correct. Lack of a centralized hub to report, submit proof, investigate, track, close incidents & generate reports that help an organization understand reasons behind such mishaps & devise corrective action(s) to combat the loss has become the need of the hour!

The solution people have got it all

Customizable Incident Categories & Templates
Incidents comes in various forms and severities. Each incident needs a different manner of assessment and investigation. With IncidenTrack+, your organization’s reporting possibilities are endless. It is easy to report any kind of incident, classify it in the right category and get a customized investigation workflow created for each type of incident to guide the end-users to the appropriate destination. Each specific route has a different assessment and closure cycle.

Reporting is far cheaper than the cost of
a major incident.

Learn the right lessons
An Incident is also an opportunity to learn, a chance to uncover vulnerabilities in your system. IncidenTrack+ serves as a third eye for the Management, which helps them to be aware of grass root incidents as well as have a ready analysis to pin-point areas of maximum incidents and its occurrence over the years! The system provides an opportunity to mitigate repeat incidents and provides insights into how they can be tackled in a better way next time. The application is enabled with an extensive reporting feature and data-driven dashboards empowering the management
to take corrective decisions for the future.

Learn from incidents and adopt additional
safeguards where warranted!

Transforming how organizations across the globe identify, assess and manage the entire life cycle of incident management.

Prevent incidents from going un-reported

It is a well-known fact that ‘Incidents’ of any nature – be it minor or major, occurring in any organization can have the potential to disrupt or interfere with organizational business operations. The bigger risk lies when incidents go un-reported. Educating employees and making incident-reporting channels easy to use and accessible for all is essential for ensuring that incidents get reported and that risks do not go unchecked. With IncidenTrack+, one can sensitize their staff and give them a streamlined process from incident reporting to investigation closure. Capturing the complete life cycle of incidents is cumbersome and requires attention to detail. Let IncidenTrack+ become your partner in this journey!

Switch from manual reactive to proactive approach

Manual way of incident reporting i.e., traditional spreadsheets and email systems mean all of your information is hard to retrieve and assess. IncidenTrack+ houses all your information in a centralized system and is armed with industry-leading security provisions to ensure all your critical information stays safe and within your reach. The architecture and framework of the software has been designed to scale to your organization’s need while ensuring dashboards for the end-user/ checker-investigator-reviewer/ senior management basis their role. System is enabled with provisions to view closed incident reports, search for archives, view complete trails and logs for all actions, etc. It is available as perpetual license (On-Premise) and as SaaS license (on Cloud).

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with everything you to need to streamline the incident reporting and investigation process of your organization. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus Suite of Products.

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