Helping you to focus on the organizational incidents

Identify, Track & Learn from Incidents

Incidents come in many types with a wide-sweeping array of resultant impacts: safety incidents, accidents, near misses, failings in our work environment, non-compliances, abuse of discretionary powers, financial or information fraud, IT security incidents, etc. IncidenTrack+ has customizable incident categories making it adaptive to report all incident sources in an organization, in addition to addressing the tracking and investigation needs. IncidenTrack+ collects all data points and creates statistics automatically as business intelligence driven reports, so that you can prioritize the areas that need most attention. This enterprise-wide incident management automation software of ours, allows you to ring-fence the institution from the malady of disruptive incidents and consequent sufferance.

It has everything that end-users & top management are looking for....

Whistle-blower Incident Reporting – Trust & Transparency for all
Reporting issues at work can be challenging for employees and external stakeholders, so we have designed a functionality that will make them feel safe about the process, where their identity is kept anonymous at every step of the way. Report any undesirable, damage-inducing activities in the organization anonymously & track incidents with trust & transparency

Customizable Incident Categories & Templates
IncidenTrack+ has a provision for creating various incident types and defining custom reporting forms per incident type, helping you
focus on all organizational incidents. There is a provision to further classify incidents on the basis of sub-type, risk type, loss type, etc. Taking a step further, one can define custom reporting workflows and investigation templates, as per the organization structure and practices.

Manage Incident Investigation the right way!
Easy provision to report complete details of the incident with supporting documents to facilitate incident investigation in presence of the investigation head, Investigator(s), etc. Carry out detailed investigation via the system with preparation of the final incident report including closing remarks, damages incurred, corrective measures, etc. The
software supports incident investigation TAT dashboard as per age timeline.

Incident Insights & Reports
Incidents happen! They just do. As organization expands, systems grow in scale and complexity, and failures are inevitable. The  best way to walk through what happened during incidents is in its report. Get incident transcripts, closed case files, incident type-wise report, ATR reports and many more at a click of a button.

A single solution that covers all YOUR needs
Your customers care. Your staff cares. You should care! Poorly handled incidents like downtime, fraud etc. can leave a bad impression on your customers & team, which eventually affects bottom line operations. You don’t want separate tools for your reporting needs in different functions. Get a centralized hub for all to report incidents with confidence and ease .and protect the image of your organization before things get out of hand.

Keep the health-meter of your organization high
Get complete visibility on common causes of incidents, count per category of incident, etc. There is also a provision to search for incident archives using a parameterized search option. While taking business decisions, this data acts like a gold mine, empowering the management to take corrective decisions for the future, in order to prevent incidents from recurring.

The power of well-informed workforce
Incidents on data, assets and resources can have long lasting impact on your business. Educate your workforce on the  implications on an incident. Well informed workforce will take timely and corrective action and indeed spread this awareness further and deeper. A system that keeps your staff well informed of the first response is an inevitable tool for the growth and future of your organization. Boost employee participation and change culture.

Facilitating Actionable Tracking
IncidenTrack+ notifies the relevant people instantly when a new incident actionable has been added by the investigation team to immediately start acting. System displays actionable dashboards and accelerometers to all concerned stakeholder’s basis actionable status viz. Not Started, Completed, etc. and reports can be generated to assess completion trends.

Configure & Implement


IncidenTrack+ can be configured to your needs. The system has multi-level and multi-parameter categorization available for incident classification giving you the flexibility to define templates to report various types of incidents, create predefined fields for reporting with customized work flow for investigation. You can pre-create actionable to seamlessly support the investigation process as well. Our team shall assist you with best-in-class practices through this journey.


Once you procure IncidenTrack+, leave it to us to make your incident management transformation vision come true! We have an in-house team of functional and technical experts who handle the implementation process on-cloud & on your premise right from procurement to successfully making the system live for you – the way you want!

Training & Client Assistance​

Our engagement does not end once you become a client; it is only the beginning of a long-standing association. Our support desk extends technical assistance whenever you need us. We also offer specialized training and best practices’ audits for your teams to make sure they are comfortable with various features & functionalities & deriving maximum value.

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