Empower teams to keep their tasks & deadlines on track


Simplifying Task Creation,
Assignment & Deadline Management
for your Organization!

TaskCentral+ (TasC+) is a highly adaptable task delegation and management software, for centralized management of various due-date specific tasks across a team or the entire organization with unique provisions of defining regulatory deadline, calendar-based dashboard, auto-escalations and reminders, recurrence pattern, making sure you never miss a deadline!

Let the system work for you!

Your personalized calendar-based dashboard lets you know ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do’… Create & Assign Tasks – Perform & Update Status – Generate Reports, etc. all from a central system! Say Bye to Paper Files & Complicated Excel sheets.

With TasC+, consider it done!

Never miss a deadline!

Delegate tasks to individuals and / or departments. Create tasks and sub-tasks with unique recurrence pattern to suit varying reporting periodicities. Flag specific due dates as Regulatory Deadline to ensure Compliance.

Let everyone in the organization be informed!

1 Solution – endless application areas

Once procured, expand the usage of TaskCentral+ (TasC+) to various departments & functions at your organization. This solution works wonders with organizations of all sizes.

Make more time for work that matters the most!

Become the 'Maharaja' of
your tasks!

TaskCentral+ (TasC+) enables you and your team with supreme authority and control of tasks managed in your organization, enabling you to manage dependent or collaborative tasks with multiple stakeholders, see progress & completion status, add proof of completion, approve or revert task, extract comprehensive reports, all in 1 centralized system

Make it your own

TaskCentral+ (TasC+) is designed to be flexible, adaptive, while ensuring accountability and complete transparency. Applicable for areas requiring systematic dissemination and tracking namely, Periodic Returns & Statutory Filings, Tracking Secretarial Compliances, HR Process Adherence – Induction & Exit, Renewal Management, Timebound implementation of Actionable, and other tasks that need to be tracked and recorded…YOU DECIDE, WE ARE HERE TO FACILIATE!

Be smart about access & controls!

With critical tasks, involving multiple stakeholders, understanding how teams collaborate and communicate, becomes important and complex. TasC+ with its exhaustive controls to easily manage granular permissions, and detailed audit reports ensures secure user access and complete audit trail maintenance

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products​

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with the knowledge-base you need in the area of Banking & Financial Regulatory & Statutory Information. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus family of products.

For action-based compliance certification & monitoring to achieve the compliance culture you desire for your organization

A comprehensive & extremely popular regulatory & statutory knowledge repository for the Indian BFSI industry

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