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End-to-End Circular Management!

When we think of Internal Instructions, Memos, Circulars, Notices, etc. for an organization, we want a system to help us with creation, controlled dissemination to either a group or the entire staff, retrieval in seconds, giving the past lineage of relevant Instructions, be search and query-friendly and tell us who all have read the Instruction. InstaCirculars+ (IC+) addresses all these requirements and much more

Some common questions surrounding
Circular Management

Can each circular go through multiple levels of approval? How do Queries and FAQs on every instruction get centralized?

IC+ is a work-flow driven software for creation, dissemination and centralized information-keeping of all instructions, circulars, related- queries / FAQs on every circular, instant bulletins, event notifications, etc. thereby, bridging the gap between the Management and your working staff.

IC+ is called the powerhouse of information for a reason!

Can the employee-base retrieve an instruction quickly?

Accessing instructions can become really cumbersome in the absence of proper retrieving and referencing functionalities. From the abundance of information present in the system, you can focus on a circular of your choice through advanced multiparameter search facilities in IC+ within seconds! What’s more, is that the past lineage of all referred / underlying instructions can also be cross referred with ease!

When we say convenience, we mean it! We are always ready for the 5-seconds retrieval challenge!

Can we know who all in the organization have read the instruction?

The primary reason for instructions to be issued across an organization is to get them acted upon. IC+ is capable of tracking the reading and compliance of these instructions, thereby facilitating smooth information dissemination across the organization.

Ensuring accountability for all!

Your one-stop MANTRA for a ‘knowledge-enabled workforce’ aiding in quick and consistent decision-making in your  organization!   

Central powerhouse of information

InstaCirculars+ (IC+) is designed to assist YOU by being the centralized information communication & knowledge hub for your organization. Creation, Vetting, Approving, Distribution of Instructions, sending Instant Bulletins and Event Notifications to entire staff in a matter of seconds, having a provision to store well – categorized reference documents and a facility to raise & respond to circular – specific queries, etc. make it the POWERHOUSE OF ORGANIZATION’S INFORMATION

Retrieval of legacy instructions

In absence of a software, Instructions are created in soft copy and disseminated either via email or Intranet or in hard copy. A common query that is raised is that can Alpha Plus Technologies assist with capture of Legacy Instructions of an organization in IC+, to ensure that the workforce has a single source for accessing all Instructions. The answer is YES! We hold your hand and assist you through this transition into the era of digital communication.

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with everything to create a one-stop centralized information hub for creation and management of internal instructions, memos, circulars, office notes, etc. at one place. But there’s more to the story.

Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus Suite of Products.

A comprehensive & extremely regulatory & statutory knowledge repository for the Indian BFSI industry

Information residing in KMT, InstaCirculars+ & InstaManuals+ can be linked to achieve cross-linkage across all kinds of information

Ready to build a centralized Instructions’ Hub for your organization?

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