Assistant Manager – Software (Application) Support

Alpha Plus Technologies is seeking an Assistant Manager – Software (Application) Support to become a key member of our Client Support and Monitoring team.



  • Ensure adherence to response and resolution TATs by self and team
  • Ensure adherence to the defined process for issue recording, replication, rectification and resolution
  • Intervene for issues with due and expired SLA deadlines to ensure speedy closure
  • Escalate issues, situations, blockages internally and externally to ensure quick resolution of open tickets
  • Ensure that due follow-up is done by the team and self to get closure on the ticket resolutions from the client
  • Ensure that only active tickets are open in the ticket reporting tool at all times
  • Ensure that all closed tickets have a valid documented RCA which is also shared with the client
  • Closely liaise with PRD, RES, TECH, QA, CIG and AML Teams to provide clarity on prioritization of actionable / bugs
  • Ensure timely completion of non-troubleshooting actionable such as health checks, system audits, migration etc. and maintaining a tracker of Non-Troubleshooting Services by self and team
  • Ensure that the necessary checks are being done by the support desk executive ensuring that the release provides the desired fix and maintains a stable flow for the client
  • Ensure that a clear line of communication is developed with the client by all Support Dek members to avoid misinterpretations, presumptions and possible escalations


  • Accept / Reject incoming releases being received from the TECH Team by ensuring that the accompanying documentation, scripts, DB, etc. as required / specified are in place
  • Ensure that the release notes are properly updated across the incoming releases
  • Ensure that GSRs are accompanied by the respective documentation as specified in the GSR Certificate
  • Create and maintain an Application Build Tracker (in Excel or via a tool) with a trail of release accept/ reject status from various stakeholders


  • Develop and cultivate a client-first culture, to ensure that all team members put their efforts in ensuring customer satisfaction and timely project completion
  • Prepare and execute a monthly plan of calls to clients whose issues were raised/escalated and closed in the previous month to understand the working of the system currently and if any other issues persist which are hampering the usage
  • Stand-in as the L2 level escalation and provide the required assurance to the client and required assistance to the Application Support Executive to ensure a speedy closure of the ticket
  • Oversee the Customer Complaints Register and ensure closure of all open complaints
  • Oversee the Customer Commitment Register and ensure timely delivery of commitments
  • Prepare requisite reports, dashboards and trends to be presented in the Customer Delight Task Force


  • Provide weekly support desk ticket dashboard and ticket trends to CAT-Manager and Department Head
  • Ensure periodic (weekly) updating of the Customer Complaint Register by self and team
  • Ensure periodic (weekly) updating of Application Version Tracker by self and team
  • Ensure periodic (weekly) updating of Application Build Tracker by self and team
  • Ensure periodic (weekly) updating of Non-Troubleshooting Services’ Tracker by self and team
  • Ensure preparation and dissemination of various reports required for Functional Progress Report (FPR) and Client Delight Task Force (CDTF) or any other dashboards required by The management of specific or generic cases
  • Assist the CAT Manager in ensuring the updating of Objective Achievement, Risk Registers, Non-Conformity Register
  • Explore the ticketing tool for new reports/dashboards and trends that can presented to the Management and can aid as input for process improvement


  • Mentor the team on best practices to be followed to ensure minimal deviation to SLA TATs
  • Ensure adherence to CAT-Monitoring SOP and processes by the entire team and self
  • Closely liaise with CAT-Manager to suggest process improvements in client issue resolution
  • Closely liaise with CAT-Manger to suggest new processes to be introduced for better control and supervision of team
  • Stand-in as the support desk member in case of the absence of any team member to ensure availability of support desk at all times by delegating issues arising out of the desk to self or team
  • Oversee day-to-day administration of the team relating to leave approvals, voucher approvals, timing flexi hours, and other central policies
  • Ensure compliance to INFOSEC Policies and QMS Policies of the company by self and team
  • Provide complete administrative support to the CAT-Manager in discharging his duties to meet organizational goals, and stand in for the CAT-Manager in his absence


  • B. Sc. / B. Sc. (IT) / B.E. / B. Tech. or other Technical Graduates
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in Software deployment and/or Customer Support
  • In-depth and experienced knowledge of various OS, SQL & Oracle databases and hardware is a pre-requisite
  • Sound experience in People & Team Management
  • Powerful command of English, especially written and oral communication
  • A keen desire for enhanced interaction with internal teams
  • Enthusiasm to travel across the country and passion to interact with clients for Client-side
    Relationship Management


Alpha Plus Technologies is a creator of generic, knowledge-oriented, powerful, affordable and secure technology with strong values and ownership of a family-led business and the dynamism and aura of a new-age entrepreneur.

WE DESIGN. WE DEVELOP. WE DELIVER. WE SERVICE. Our clients find us as a sincere bunch of people who know what they say and deliver as promised! Our passion reflects in everything we do and our desire to produce good work for our customer runs deep within. APT is like a second home to people who work here. We Share. We Help. We Grow and yes, we have a lot of fun times too...!


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