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October 21, 2020


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Why should we hire you?

Do you have any work experience?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Newbies would often be amused answering this, exiting from a background where college attendance and ceaseless attempts to overcome that one subject is their only room of concern.

For a 21st century technology driven company like ours, serving a set of banking veterans, it is rather an asset to have these millennials carve out a future for the company. It is not very astonishing to see how these fresh minds have replaced almost all entry level jobs. This specific generational group is partially responsible for this employee experience re-evaluation phenomenon as well. They are stereotypically known to be narcissistic, smug, lazy, entitled, coddled, delusional and self-centered. You guessed it, they are the millennials, also known as Generation Y. As an increasing number of millennials join the workforce, the Y Generation is predicted to bring about a great change in the upcoming workforce.

Notwithstanding them are a set of experts who raise the bar and are almost always welcomed by organizations to avoid calamities that they cannot fathom. Undoubtedly, the experienced bunch of fellows are the ones that are seen spearheading the unstoppable aspirations for every department, many of which are still tailored to older generations. In the current industry while the veterans are always guiding and driving with their expertise and industry knowledge, every company also need a set of fresh minds, who come with a fresher perspective and approach, people that are adept with the latest software and technology.

Soon enough, the workplaces are slated to imbibe various differences & harness the distinct advantages this generation will bring to the productivity levels and promote faces of organizations worldwide. It would be biased to not address the fact these Gen Y employees are looked up as a free pass into newer ways of thinking, a generation that will soon become the largest group of consumers and decision makers. Working in a close-knit environment with the BFSI across the country, they’re privy to the bulk of information perceived during every interaction at Alpha Plus. Setting-up these corporate associations (not failing to mention) which often take several months or even years, will surely test your patience. It is unsurprising to see the enthusiasm portrayed by the young bloods, whilst they grasp such opportunities, provide their inputs and fetch the desired results. You bet it’s a cumbersome task to set-off!

 How do we keep them going?

  •  Perks are Cool, but Values Matter More

Providing snacks and bean bag chairs at work aren’t going to convince them more than ones who don’t. We create a workplace where their hopes and dreams are not only acknowledged but also encouraged to become reality

  • You are One of Us

An open office environment at Alpha Plus has tweaked the model consisting of the unreachable manager in shadows and the team carrying the load, making the environment counter-productive. A free-door policy gives them freedom to discuss anything – ideas, thoughts, complaints, aspirations. This is a place where plans are discussed, inputs are reviewed and strategic decisions are addressed upon.

  • Awards and Acknowledgement

The management has made sure that the deserving candidate is rewarded. Team members are praised for a job well done. By being just to all and combatting the unconscious biases, the team has created a healthy environment by categorically reviewing the work done round the year.

Alpha Plus family, or APPLES as we recognize, are opportunists looking for recognition. As they progress and are handed over with more positions of leadership, millennials are going to have an even more pronounced effect on what develops in the near future. With time changing and fear kicking in, we assure ourselves knowing that – no generation stays in power so long that the next generation can’t change things back, or progress things even further.

It’s nearing time to start looking to Generation Z, working alongside Generation X & Y, as the driver of workplace changes.

Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the blog / article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual(s).

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