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Banking on Knowledge… Simplified!

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Knowledge Management Tools (KMT) is a knowledge repository of all Regulatory and Statutory information being issued by the Regulators that govern the BFSI Industry in India. This plethora of information is made available for access on a single platform and gets updated on an almost real time basis!

With the view of helping fulfill the RBI mandate of having function-wise compliance manuals, KMT has taken a step towards providing our dear banker friends with comprehensive manuals as reference material.
With Regulatory information being scattered across the internet and placed over 20 websites, regularly checking for new updates becomes a hassle while performing daily operational activities. But again, the impact of missing out on any such information can be very costly!

Doing a random search on the internet will definitely throw up thousands of results, but are all of the results really relevant? It is not even possible to narrow down to the circular / information of relevance.

Today, every circular/ guideline issued by any Regulator, resides on their respective websites thus making it cumbersome to link it to cross-reference information on a given subject.

With the ever-changing Regulatory & Statutory requirements, keeping abreast of the current scenario manually proves to be extremely challenging!
Having initially started off as a consultancy firm to certain Organizations, Alpha Plus had the prestigious opportunity to work with and for the Reserve Bank of India, in the year 1999, in the drafting of the first set of Master Circulars issued by the DBOD department.

The assignment required for retrieval and compilation of all RBI circulars pre 1999 to be referred to while drafting the master circular. While sourcing for hundreds of circulars, the need of having all RBI circulars, from its inception, onto a single platform was discussed with the then Dy. Governor, and with due permissions, KMT emerged as a full-fledged software solution!

Starting from having just one Regulator, today KMT houses regulatory information of over 19 Regulatory bodies and associations along with statutory information related to the Banking and Finance sector!

Right from acquiring its first client in 2002, today KMT finds its place in over 90% of Banking and Financial Institutions and the hearts of its ardent users!
KMT provides regulatory information (circulars, guidelines, codes etc…) from several Banking Regulatory Bodies and Associations at one place for ease of reference. With its real-time updates, KMT makes sure that you never miss out on any information.

KMT does not just provide bare data but also serves the purpose of being a knowledge repository for its users. While glancing through any content in KMT, you are also informed about all relevant guidelines, policies, circulars related to that subject.

Since all of this information is available in HTML format, it eliminates the need of downloading bulky PDFs and makes the information available at a mere click. Thus making the tool very light to use.

When extended to all in the organization, there will be no more need for branches / departments to buy yearly publications issued by the Regulators thereby reducing a lot of inventory cost.

The extensive research inputs, in terms of providing summary of circulars, planning a monthly calendar of returns to be submitted, along with providing the huge volumes of content, has made KMT an industry favorite tool!
  • Regulatory and Associate Bodies governing the BFSI sector
  • Banks – Public, Private, Foreign, Co-operative, Regional Rural Banks, DCCBs, SCBs
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)
  • Capital Market Companies
  • Investment Banking Firms

And other Organizations, Institutions and firms which are heavily dependent on Regulatory & Statutory information being available instantly!

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