Business Development Manager

Alpha Plus Technologies is a 3-decade-old institution, growing its strong and sustained business into various verticals and geographies by adding value to our customer’s daily life with our suite of products. This is an exciting opportunity for you to play a key role in the business development team of Alpha Plus Technologies and contribute to devising a business strategy to enter new markets and further the business in existing markets. Your primary responsibility will be to identify, develop, and secure new business opportunities for the organization.

As a Business Development Manager, you will play a critical role in our marketing strategy by not only devising the plan of action but coaching and mentoring the team to achieve the same. We are looking for an experienced and compassionate leader who can build and lead a team of hardworking, diversified, and enthusiastic sales professionals, deliver results, and can create an environment that brings out the best from the team. The person should be a keen observer, listener & communicator. Someone with a responsible attitude, good at planning & decision making, and having command authority to use it judiciously would be expected. You shall be Alpha Plus’ emissary and help our clients to see, learn, use and believe the potential behind each of our products. Sounds like something you would like to do? Come on board!


1. Business Development

  • Identify, develop, and secure new business opportunities in areas related to Core Business Development
  • Drive forward the company’s business growth objectives by surpassing Business Targets from the assigned zone(s) / region(s)
  • Track market intelligence particularly relating to new opportunities and competition, related to the company’s products, and share insights with the Management at pre-defined intervals
  • Be adept at negotiations (commercials and terms) with excellent presentation skills and confidence to hold your ground or push back when necessary. Negotiate for own projects and on behalf of team members to finalize business deals
    Perform day-to-day responsibilities associated with BD Life cycle:
  • Generate leads for new business opportunities from existing & new clients basis field experience
  • Attend networking and industry events to promote our products
  • Follow up on the assigned leads and arrange timely meetings with the prospective B2B clients
  • Gain important functional knowledge of all Alpha Plus solutions
  • Prepare and submit quotes to the prospective leads for own projects and undertake proposal review and sanction for reporting team members, where assigned
  • Develop superior customer relationships with prospects
  • Groom team of Associates / Sr. Associates in project strategy formulation, strategy execution, product demonstration, independent project handling, and other nuances associated with the role of business development
  • Provide baseline research and business approach to identify key contacts while promoting new products in existing verticals / existing products in newer industries
  • Provide insights to the Marketing Team for greater product visibility basis field experience in addition to identifying opportunities for optimizing marketing strategies to ensure greater brand visibility and positioning in the industry
  • Devise a plan for revenue projection for the future, basic trend analysis, and the company’s growth expectations, in order to define the Department’s goal and objectives for the future in addition to developing a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction
  • Facilitate project supervision, conduct periodic reviews of the team and report the progress to the Department Head
  • Any other roles and responsibilities as may be suggested by Department Head


2. Team Leadership

  • Understand organizational strategy and identify the big picture vis-à-vis team relevance and focus
  • Effectively communicate the organization’s vision, mission, goals and objectives, and the team expectations
  • Create a trust-oriented environment, open communication, creative thinking, competitive culture, and expression of meaningful thought
  • Motivate & inspire team members
  • Lead by example in action and values
  • Mentor, train, and develop team members to out-perform
  • Facilitate problem-solving & collaboration
  • Maintain healthy group dynamics
  • Proactively intervene and resolve issues
  • Recognize & celebrate team & individual accomplishments & exceptional performance
  • Prioritize multiple responsibilities, balancing client deliverables as well as internal obligations


3. Task Management

  • Equitably distribute and effectively communicate daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly and/or task / project life-cycle related activities / expectations
  • Actively interact/coordinate with customers (internal and external), as necessary, for better clarity of task/deliverables
  • Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. Business Team, Client Support Team, Banking Team, Finance Team, Senior Management) to address customers’ needs
  • Organize ‘on-the-go’ reviews with team members to identify and address bottlenecks before they turn chronic and affect team performance
  • Avoid diversions/distractions/add-ons (also required / ought to be) to adhere to task expectations and standards
  • Inculcate client / task / quality / time orientation among team members


4. Operational Management

  • Attend to team members’ entitlements
  • Collect / Collate / Monitor statistical data related to individual and team output/performance, compliances, quality, etc. required for functional and organizational reviews
  • Actively participate and positively contribute to Management Meetings / Committee Meetings and Process improvement for the Function
  • Update Management with task status, potential issues, deviations, and failures and assist in timely course correction to ensure on-track delivery/quality schedules
  • Facilitate positive working relationships with other functions, management, customers (internal or external), and within the team
  • Contribute to team member appraisals & supervision process
    ISO Management:
  • Responsible for Execution / Implementation of the Quality Management System & Information Security Management System in your respective function
  • Responsible for effective execution of QMS Processes, Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures at the Department level
  • Provides feedback on corrective action required or general inputs on QMS Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Processes of QMS / ISMS Awareness Education, Training, Documents & Records Control, Change Management, and Incident Management, at the Department level


  • Graduates / Professional Degree-holders / Post Graduates desirous of a career in Business Development of IT Software Solutions / Services
  • Minimum 6+ years of experience in Business Development OR Sales of IT Software Solution / Services
  • Must-have characteristics: Problem Solver, Great at Time Management, Leading by example and ready to get his/her hands dirty, Keen observer, listener, and communicator.
  • You shall have an added advantage if you have prior experience in engaging with Mid and High-profile clients of the BFSI sector for IT Software Solutions / Services and understand facets of the Banking / Financial sectors.


Alpha Plus Technologies is a creator of generic, knowledge-oriented, powerful, affordable and secure technology with strong values and ownership of a family-led business and the dynamism and aura of a new-age entrepreneur.

WE DESIGN. WE DEVELOP. WE DELIVER. WE SERVICE. Our clients find us as a sincere bunch of people who know what they say and deliver as promised! Our passion reflects in everything we do and our desire to produce good work for our customer runs deep within. APT is like a second home to people who work here. We Share. We Help. We Grow and yes, we have a lot of fun times too...!


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