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Revolutionizing e-CIRCULARS

Organizations of all sizes trust the capabilities of IC+ for making information access possible from a single source, across the institution. It has proven to be a time-saver and central keeper of instructions, displaying complete information with all relevant queries, underlying instructions, etc. while ensuring that it is supremely light-weight, search-friendly, sensitive to access control and workflow-driven!

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Structured content

Organize your internal communication – your way! Provision to organize your communication by adding a serial number, synopsis, keywords, classify by category / type, add enclosures, cross-links to previous & subsequent references, etc. so it is easy for your workforce to find what they need.

Centralizing query management

Facility to raise & respond to circular-specific and general queries and issue clarification on important / repetitive queries as FAQs. No need to spend time to respond to same queries from different people. A user can now know whether a query in his / her mind has been already answered on any past occasion.

Search like a pro!

Retrieval of circulars couldn’t have been easier! Availability of multiple search parameters, bookmarking of frequently referred instructions, multi-color highlighting of searched words, etc. ensures that least amount of time is spent on retrieving instructions.

Live tracking

Enable live tracking of approval status for each information category to know ‘who approved’, ‘when’ or ‘where is it pending’ for you and your function.

Access control & suitable alerts

Create internal instructions, memos, circulars, notices, etc. on the system itself. What′s more is that you can address these instructions to a particular person, department or an entire office altogether, with prompt alerts indicating the issue of these instructions

Configure & Implement

Tailor your InstaCirculars+ solution to meet the needs of your team.


IC+ is adaptive to your needs. With IC+ you get the flexibility to configure your own approval workflows – from the simplest to the most complex, create categories or types of Circulars & Reference Documents, define serial number formats, etc. Our team shall assist you with industry best practices through this journey.


Once you procure IC+, you are in our safe hands! We have an in-house team of experts who handle the entire process from procurement to implementation to successfully make the system run for you – the way you want! We also assist organizations with capturing legacy SOPs/ Manuals / Procedures, etc. circulars to have the electronic copies and complete repository available from day 1 of usage.

Training & Client Assistance​

Our engagement does not end once you become a client; It is only the beginning of a long-standing association. Our in-house support desk extends technical assistance whenever you need us.

We also offer specialized training and best practices audits for your teams to make sure they are comfortable with various features & functionalities & deriving maximum value.

InstaCircular+ is an enterprise-wide software for quick & easy creation and retrieval of in-house circular, instructions and policies.

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