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Meet2Govern+ (Me2G +)

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Innovating Meetings…Transforming Governance!

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Me2G+ is your 'Messiah' in the Board Room for end-to-end meeting management, handling pre-meeting, during-meeting and post-meeting activities/procedures efficiently through a seamless, secure interface, along with facilitating Corporate Governance!

This system has emerged to address a common issue raised by the Company Secretary Fraternity - that their work and routine is not being supplemented enough by Technology!

Meet2Govern+(Me2G+) provides new horizons in the sphere of Meeting Management and Corporate Governance by truly providing the ease that automation is supposed to bring with it, while also maintaining absolute security and control!
Have a calendar packed with Board meetings, Committee meetings that require massive coordination & organization efforts?

Surrounded by heaps and piles of documentation (Agenda items from multiple departments, Minutes of Meetings…) that need to be prioritized and arranged in a specific order, and shared as packets with meeting participants, well before the meeting date?

Paper-work of past meetings lying in store rooms with retrieval time in hours and days?

And what about ensuring adherence to all the statutory norms associated with Corporate Governance? Juggling and managing the boundaries of Corporate Governance framework?

All of the effort involved in Meeting Management begins way before a meeting is even scheduled, continues while it is in motion, and extends well beyond the meeting… in the form of Minutes, Resolutions and Actionable to be tracked for closure!
Wouldn't it be helpful to have a solution that will help you automate and manage all the aspects related to Meeting Management and also Corporate Governance, in a manner that encourages and enhances the thorough professionalism and quality standards that the function of the Company Secretary and the Board demands!

Would it be helpful if a system effortlessly handles agenda items from all the business functions/ stakeholders?

Further, would it help if it aids in creating and sending the agenda packets to the board of directors in the timeframe desired by them?

Also, would you like if it works as a companion while the meeting is going on, and in the process of creating the Minutes?

Meet2Govern+ (Me2G+) provides new horizons in the sphere of Meeting Management and Corporate Governance…all from a highly secure and confidential solution.

Each of the meetings can then be finalized, scheduled and even conducted through the system. Me2G+ takes care of all the three phases associated with any and every meeting i.e., (i) pre-meeting planning, (ii) conducting the meeting and the associated activities while the meeting is in progress and (iii) post-meeting compilation and subsequent follow-ups.
Me2G+ shall revolutionize the way meetings are conducted and managed in your Organization!

It will build a strong and efficient connect between the Secretarial Function and the Board and Committee members, and provide for phenomenal levels of comfort and ease to all matters related to meeting participation and access to agenda notes as the Director/Member.

There is so much to a Company Secretary's functioning and the efforts that a CS/Secretary to the Board and his/her team put-in on a day-to-day basis… Me2G+ focuses on facilitating the end-to-end functioning of the Company Secretary! Moreover, the system comes with a unique advantage of aiding Corporate Governance…
With its ability to work with virtually any organization having Board, Committee and other meetings, Me2G+ can be used by an Institution wanting to have technology supplement the efforts of the Company Secretary, Directors and Departments in the organization.

We welcome you and your Organization to your Board Room Companion and new "Messiah" – Meet2Govern+ (Me2G+)!!!

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