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Knowledge-based Banking…Connecting YOU Online!

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Working with the Banking industry for 2 decades has made one thing abundantly clear to us at Alpha Plus - the sheer vastness of this critical domain often ensures that mastering it takes an entire lifetime of learning!

Several of our Banker friends have confided to us that when they are faced with an unfamiliar scenario or a unique concern area, they turn to their fellow Banking counterparts, who are only too eager to share their knowledge.

However, there is a small challenge here; that is the constraint in the number of banking colleagues that each person was acquainted with. This is where Alpha Plus stepped in…

Having worked closely with almost every Bank in the country, we devised a forum for our dear Banker friends to get in touch, connect and discuss!

'Indian Banking Forums (IBF)' is an online platform for all banking professionals across India to connect, communicate and exchange their thoughts, ideas, doubts and queries, without the barriers of distance, grade, designation, and Bank.
Turning to your friends and colleagues in a time of need is a very basic instinct, inherent to everyone. Often, we feel restrained in going all out and asking someone for help simply because we do not already share a rapport or have not been introduced to that person.

Additionally, seeking advice from someone who is considered an authority or senior in the field is often not even considered for the very same reasons.

Simply having a platform to communicate and discuss, would do away with these hesitations, and would form the foundation for a well-knit community which is just a click away!
How convenient would it be if, when faced with a difficulty, you can easily seek help from not just one but multiple people, who have immense and varied experience in the task at hand?

Would receiving inputs and advice from a set of people, give you a more holistic view of a situation, before you tackle it?

Would you be interested in sharing articles which would be relevant and of interest to several others in the Industry?

Are you keen on expanding your network of fellow Bankers, without relying on an introduction or an opportunity to meet them in person?

If yes, then Indian Banking Forums by Alpha Plus, has been created for you!
You can quickly and easily register by logging onto and clicking on the "Register" link at the top right of the page. Here, fill in a registration form with the required details. The form has 3 sections wherein the sections "Required Information" & "Additional Required Information" are mandatory.

Note on Authentication: We request you to kindly use your Official Email-ID as the primary ID for security reasons. This is to ensure the authenticity of people who are registering, and allow only Bankers to be a part of this forum. All communication and updates shall be sent on the primary ID.

In case, you cannot provide your Official Email-ID, we request you to enter the same as the Alternate Email-ID, while providing your personal email as the primary ID. You will then receive a verification call from IBF followed by a confirmation email on your Official Email-ID.
Apart from helping you reach out and build a rapport with your counterparts across the industry, here is how IBF would benefit you:

  • Always being in touch with your colleagues from the industry would keep you informed and in the loop of the latest happenings within the community

  • Initiating discussions with your counterparts from the various sectors of the industry has never been easier

  • Write and upload articles which would be relevant and of interest to your peers

Executives from the following sectors of Banking are welcome to sign up to this wonderful forum:

  • Nationalized Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Foreign Banks
  • Co-operative Banks
  • RRBs
  • Representative Offices

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