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Compliance Redefined!

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The name Cermo+ is a contraction of the phrase – Compliance Certification and Monitoring. This enterprise-wide system was envisioned by Alpha Plus, at a time when Compliance was just beginning to receive greater importance internationally, foreseeing that the same trend would soon arrive in India as well. Thus, by the time the Indian Regulators reached our industries with stringent guidelines to set-up a robust Compliance framework, Cermo+ was already ready to address these challenges!

This browser based system is a comprehensive tool that aids in ensuring compliance with Regulatory, Statutory and even organization-specific, internal guidelines and regulations. By automating the entire process of assigning guideline/policy based actionable and tracking the abidance on a periodic basis, Cermo+ is truly "Compliance redefined!"
Every organization has a pre-defined set of actionable (Regulatory, Statutory or Internal) that they must comply with. The sheer volume and frequency, at which these action points must be monitored, make it a mammoth task to manually acquire the certifications for each, even for an organization with a single office/branch.

As a result, Compliance Certification & Monitoring typically structures around blanket certifications being given by the various branches/ offices and departments saying that they have abided by all the laws of the land. This approach relies on the assumption that all the executives are aware of each and every actionable they are bound by.

The risks involved in non compliance or false certifications due to non clarity of the expectations of the directives, is a further cause for concern. Moreover, there is hardly ever any proof collected in case of regulations where the risk involved is substantial.

Over and above all these factors, the Heads at the Corporate Office almost never get a detailed and factual overview of the complete compliance status so as to gauge the overall compliance health, trends or breakdowns.
With the steady growth of the organization and resultant decentralization of administration, is it easy to ensure that the organization is fully compliant with all the rules and laws of the land?

How feasible is it, to collect certificates from the entire organization on every aspect manually, via e-mails or hard copy?

Is everyone in your organization fully aware of all the Regulatory, Statutory and Internal guidelines to be fulfilled by them?

Do you have readily available reports when a Regulatory authority or Top Management wishes to analyze a particular aspect, or do you have to collect and collate data from the other functions?

Are you in a position to identify any trends or recurrences in compliance failures?

With the Indian Regulators, constantly hardening their stance on Compliance, having periodic Compliance checks and taking the necessary preventive measures to avoid any loss of reputation is the need of the hour! Cermo+ helps you ensure that the organization is not only fully abreast of the pre-requisites to compliance, but is also periodically certifying to the completion of the same, giving you a birds-eye view of what's going on in the organization!
"Ideal compliance is preventive in habit rather than reactive by nature" and this is also the underlying ideology of Cermo+.

This highly secure application is an entirely rights-based system, enabling online certification and monitoring of actionable!

Being an extremely flexible system, Cermo+ completely blends into an organization's compliance reporting structure. As Cermo+ follows a certification and monitoring cycle based on a pre-defined periodicity, it is capable of throwing out alerts and reminders to the users, eliminating the difficult task of manual follow-ups!

For all its flexibility, Cermo+ is still a very easy to use system for the executives who are then expected to come into the system from time to time and certify the completion of their actionable. Once done, a similar cycle for monitoring ensues, which is typically done by the controlling office.

Finally, since the entire chain of events is logged onto a system, anyone in the Senior Management can easily cull out reports to study the overall compliance status or any compliance breaches/ failures! After all, knowing what's wrong is the first step towards rectifying a fault!
  • Automation of the entire certification and monitoring process

  • Saves enormous amount of the time and effort typically required for manual follow ups

  • Easy to access reports that give the Senior Management a complete and accurate overview of the compliance happenings, for easy analysis

  • Mitigate Risks by identifying the areas of non-compliance before being pulled up by the Supervisory authority

  • Ensure that everyone is aware of specific action points, thus operating in a knowledge-oriented and vigilant manner

  • Use the reports from the system as a pre-cursor to Internal Audits and Compliance Testing, giving it specific areas to focus on rather than on a random sample basis!

With its ability to fit into virtually every organization structure, Cermo+ can be used by any institution with a well defined hierarchy and internal policies or processes. Further, the application would be ideally placed, in those organizations that are regulated by Regulatory authorities e.g. RBI, SEBI, IRDA, FDA, DGCA etc.

Over and above that, if you…

  • wish to minimize deviations from implementation of regulatory/ statutory guidelines
  • would like to mitigate the risk of penalties or loss of reputation due to non compliance
  • aspire to create a compliance rich culture and environment where everyone is fully aware and vigilant of external or internal directives
  • want an over-all view or control of what is happening across the organization
…Then Cermo+ is specifically designed for YOU!

Cermo+ effectively makes you the GURU of Compliance Monitoring, ensuring Peace and Accountability for everyone!

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