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In an era of fast-paced technology, we are faced with a situation where our old ways of working are quickly becoming outdated. With the digitization of almost every kind of function, be it customer servicing or back-office related, how do we bring our archived and historical data onto the same platforms that we use today, thus ensuring their preservation?

Being the pioneers of innovative technology solutions, we understand the importance of digitizing documents at the organization level. Thus, Alpha Plus provides you with a user friendly, highly configurable, 3-in-1 browser based system – 'Archive Manager+ (AM+)' that not only stores your documents in an efficient and well structured manner but also maintains their records and archives!!
The day to day working of any organization invariably brings about the generation of records and documentation. These documents thus become an inseparable and crucial aspect for the organization.

  • Every organization maintains some key documents which need constant referring to. As the organization grows, the volume of documentation involved also grows steadily, increasing the difficulty in dealing with thousands or even millions of documents.
  • Maintaining these documents in a well organized structure is a huge task in itself
  • Many a times, in metropolitan cities, where space comes at a premium cost, maintaining the legacy files and documents within the organization is not a feasible option in terms of space availability and cost
  • Moreover, in many organizations absence of an automated document management tool leads to risking the circulation/ loss of the original documents or bearing the cost of duplicating them with multiple photo copies every now and then for mere referencing
  • Unforeseeable incidents such as fires, earth quakes or floods also pose a threat to critical documents
  • In a world governed by automation and modern technology, the dependency on physical records and documents for every small requirement in an organization needs to be eliminated.
With a huge part of our everyday operations and activities being paper based, is it not desirable to be assured of the preservation of our documents?

Is the security and permanent storage of your documentation, of utmost importance to you?

Would it be appealing to have a centralized repository of all documents, thus doing away with the costs of photocopying or couriering the documents when required for mere reference?

Does having quick access to information and an assured backup of your critical documents, sound tempting?

Would you like to put your costly office space to better use, than merely storage of records?

Yes, being the more economical answer to each of the above questions, Alpha Plus has devised a unique 3-in-1 solution that automates the entire life cycle of your everyday documents. All this, while maintaining the high levels of security and confidentiality associated with vital paperwork, ensures that your entire gamut of documentation is always just a click away!
ArchiveManager+ is a unique solution for the complete management of your documents and archives! Being an enterprise-wide and browser based system, it enables ease of access from any office within the organization's network.

This powerful solution is completely rights-based and workflow driven, thus ensuring the security and sanctity of the all-important organizational documents. Following is an overview of the document & record management aspects within the system.

Document Management:
Record Management
Digitization of crucial documents is the need of the hour for every organization! Having a solution that manages the entire lifecycle of your documents not only helps you make your current operational documentation process more structured and streamlined but also provides you with benefits that are listed below:

  • Conveniently retrieve documents anytime, anywhere, anyhow: conveniently search and access all details pertaining to different kind of documents using the extensive, multi-parameter search engine

  • Maintain a central repository: Maintain an exhaustive database of all critical documents by digitizing and replicating all the records on to the system such that no time and effort is invested in tracking down files, ensuring that important documents are always just a click away!

  • Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality of critical documents by ensuring rights based access of the documents to all employees across the organization

  • Reporting Module: The flexibility of generating various types of reports from the system, thereby enabling tracking of each and every activity taking place ensures complete transparency and accountability

  • Efficient structuring of documentation: Erase all physical space concerns and enable classified & structured physical file management

With its unique scalability and flexibility, a system like AM+ easily and completely blends into any small, medium or large sized organizational environment. It serves as a one stop solution for all organizations that face hardships in dealing with documentation, by completely automating the existing tedious manual procedures, allowing you to access thousands of critical documents, records and archives… at the click of a button!!

Archive Manager+ has been specially developed and designed to cater to the industrial areas that believe in using modern technology for its growth and benefits:

  • Any organization, irrespective of its size that needs to maintain documents for their constant referral and frequent retrieval
  • Organizations or independent units that are looking for saving up on all the time and effort incurred in searching, referring and overall structuring the documentation for their organization
  • Any organization prioritizing the best possible utilization of available space and budget for storage of their documents

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