People Investment – Executive

Alpha Plus Technologies is seeking an ambitious People Investment Executive to become a key member of our People Investment team.


  1. Manpower Planning & Talent Acquisition
  • Analyze Business plans of various teams in order to determine future manpower
  • Analyze the current manpower inventory coupled with employee attrition rate analysis,
    position changes due to impending promotions, workload analysis, skill-set and
    knowledge-gap analysis in conjunction with Managers of various teams
  • Ascertain recruitment costs and make budgetary allocations
  • Define job descriptions along with roles & responsibilities for various grades
  • Acquire talent for various vacancies through Job Portals, Professional Networks
    (LinkedIn, etc.), Staffing Firms, etc.
  • Identify & engage with Staff Augmentation Firms to fill positions for temporary / contract
    staff, when required
  • Short-list résumés meeting the minimum requirements and set-up/conduct interviews
    with concerned stakeholders. Issue Offer Letters for selected candidates.


2. Induction & Separation Management

  • Adhere to induction and separation process checklists with periodic review of these to
    advise fine-tuning of the process, where felt appropriate
  • Coordinate with internal teams and external partners to complete pre-joining / induction
  • Induct each new member by introducing to other staff, and familiarizing with service-related
    rules/regulations, organization culture, protocols, and basic procedures to make
    them familiar with the organizational environment
  • Undertake background verification, including reference checks, to establish credence of
    an incoming staff member
  • Organize exit interviews and execute separation formalities for seamless transition of staff
    members indicating separation with the firm


3. Attendance, Leave & Payroll Management

  • Ensure accurate maintenance of attendance and leave records for all executives across
    teams and maintain the company’s Attendance Management System
  • Liaise with Finance Team to share leave and attendance records for monthly salary
  • Provide clarification to staff members in case of queries on Attendance / Leave
    Management, in line with established policy
  • Maintain payroll records of compensation/remuneration of all staff members along with
    details of CTC-linked bonuses and benefits and assist Finance Team in updating these
    from time-to-time


4. Performance Appraisal & Promotion Management

  • Maintain and adhere to a transparent, promotion and performance appraisal policy, in
    line with company’s and staff’s growth prospects
  • Organize annual and semi-annual performance appraisal cycles and make arrangements
    for a time-bound completion of these with results made available to staff on immediate
  • Manage employee records and update these as and when applicable
  • Seek, manage and execute promotions across teams, in coordination with Department
    Heads / Managers


5. People Relations

  • Interact with staff members on a frequent basis, thereby, understanding their needs,
    aspirations, career interests, etc. and supply the data gathered to the L&D, Employee
    Engagement and concerned Department stakeholders in order to implement mutual goals
  • Understand grievances of staff members and undertake periodic feedback surveys on
    various aspects of Governance / HR / Organization Culture; take prompt corrective
    action basis feedback from surveys, exit interviews, and other forums
  • Govern discipline and conduct of staff members in line with established professional /
    corporate etiquette and/or the company’s Code of Conduct
  • Cultivate and manage organizational behavior in the larger interest of the organization’s

6. Assist in organizing Employee Engagement activities in association with the Employee
Engagement In-Charge

7. Assist the Learning & Development (L&D) In-Charge in identifying learning and training
needs of staff member across the company and addressing these needs via internal / external

8. Any other roles and responsibilities as may be suggested by Department Head


  • Graduates / Post-Graduates with previous background in various facets of Human Resources
  • For Graduates: Minimum 3 years of experience is pre-requisite
  • For Post-Graduates (with MBA – HR): Minimum 1 year of experience is pre-requisite
  • Pleasing personality and excellent oral and written communication skills are pre-requisite
  • Interest and enthusiasm for a growth-oriented career in Human Resources & People
  • Outgoing nature and keen desire for enhanced interaction with staff members across teams
  • Ability to stay unbiased and professional throughout staff interactions


  • Previous experience of working in an IT company in HR role
  • Strong reference from the previous supervisor on performance in HR role


Alpha Plus Technologies is a creator of generic, knowledge-oriented, powerful, affordable and secure technology with strong values and ownership of a family-led business and the dynamism and aura of a new-age entrepreneur.

WE DESIGN. WE DEVELOP. WE DELIVER. WE SERVICE. Our clients find us as a sincere bunch of people who know what they say and deliver as promised! Our passion reflects in everything we do and our desire to produce good work for our customer runs deep within. APT is like a second home to people who work here. We Share. We Help. We Grow and yes, we have a lot of fun times too...!


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