Executive Management

  • Kunal-gurushaia-pic Mr. Kunal Gursahani Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

"I cherish the challenges of growing Alpha Plus and bringing its rightful place under the sun while also upholding the values and integrity with which we conduct ourselves and our business. The youthful energy of my people and their constant excitement in acquiring knowledge and experience on this journey powers my each day at work. I am always thankful that our clients and partners continue to support our role as 'truthful' and 'friendly' advisors to one and all… and that my team continues to being a 'knowledgeable' bunch of advisors! I am proud that Alpha Plus is not an IT Team in the BFSI business… Instead, we are BFSI experts in the IT business!"

Kunal began his stint at Alpha Plus as the Vice President of Marketing & Strategy as well as HR. Having joined Alpha Plus in 2009, right after a successful innings in the sphere of Biomedical Engineering in the US, Kunal brought in a wave of fresh ideas and new thinking! Amongst his early contributions, was his opinion that employees at Alpha Plus are not 'Resources' but an asset that the company must strongly 'invest' in. Thus, the conventional 'Human Resources' Department, as commonly known, was re-christened as "People Investment" at Alpha Plus!

A firm believer in being a true friend to every client, as part of his tenure of VP - Marketing & Strategy, he designed and crafted frameworks for client management which would ensure that every client thoroughly enjoys the 'Alpha Plus Experience'!

In these 4 years as the Head of Marketing, the client profile nearly quadrupled, business revenues grew by 120% and Alpha Plus came to be popularly known across the Banking Industry as the 'Guardians of Compliance' aka the 'Compliance People'!

What also ensued under his youthful governance, were a series of systematic changes that resulted in building a stronger team to accelerate growth, with segregation of increased responsibilities at each level of the hierarchy. And while being the brick-layer of this hierarchy, Kunal has managed to maintain an open environment across the organization. Today, every APPLE (as he fondly refers to AlPha PLus Employees) can easily walk into the Chairman or CEO's cabin without inhibition and express his/her point across in a free-wheeling conversation.

Holding a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and armed with a Green Belt in Six Sigma, Kunal spearheads Alpha Plus as its Chief Executive Officer and ensures its drive towards excellence!

Being a complete food enthusiast, Kunal never minds going that extra mile to satisfy his taste buds. Besides being a foodie, Kunal enjoys traveling and lots of interaction with his people and his clients!

  • sy-pic-big Mr. S
    y P
    President & CTO

President & CTO

"Having worked as an external technology consultant for Alpha Plus, I was very impressed by the business ethics of this company. The dedication of the founder, Mr. Prem Gursahani, to customer satisfaction and to providing leading edge solutions left an indelible mark on me and joining Alpha Plus full time was the most natural thing to do. Being part of the Alpha Plus work culture is like being a part of a close knit family. The pace at which the company is growing leaves no doubt in my mind that within a short span of time, it will be a common name in other verticals too just like it is right now in the banking industry."

Sdivadivndivjdivadivy ventured into the sphere of software development as the Senior Software Developer at V2 Infotech – the technology arm of IOSR Group of Companies, wherein he developed the first WAP based mobile phone solution for the shipping industry. He then worked as a project manager at RhealSoft before starting as an independent Technology Consultant.

In his consultancy role, he undertook revolutionary projects such as fully automating the business operations of a leading electronic appliances service provider company in Mumbai and providing the overall technology and software infrastructure to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Even though Sdivadivndivjdivadivy was appointed as the Software Development Head at APT only in April 2008, he has been associated with the organization since 2003 in his capacity as a Consultant. His quest for perfection and agility to adapt to any function, has today earned him the esteemed position of President at Alpha Plus.

As the organization's President, Sdivadivndivjdivadivy is responsible for ensuring successful execution of the company's software business mission through the development and execution of the company's software solutions. He has also been entrusted with overseeing the function of the Products & Research Team along with the Content Management Team at Alpha Plus. Further, he has been actively working towards strengthening the unique 'P' culture of Alpha Plus.

Sdivadivndivjdivadivy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with Major in Physics from Mumbai University along with professional certification in Software Development & Systems Architecture. Apart from being a voracious reader, Sdivadivndivjdivadivy is a fitness aficionado who enjoys physical activities like running and cycling.

  • Anjali zaveri Ms. Anjali Zaveri Head (VP) – Finance & Content Management

Head (VP) – Finance & Content Management

"Working at APT has been a truly enriching experience. The business ethics followed at this organization along with the potential for career growth has helped me establish myself as an individual as well as a professional. APT has come a long way and I believe it's only a matter of time before it becomes a global brand."

Anjali has been a part of the Alpha Plus family since 2004. In her time here, she has taken up almost every possible role, be it Operations, Internal Administration, People Investment, Finance & Accounts or even Customer Relationship Management!

Anjali started off her career at Alpha Plus as a part of the Operations Team, escalating to the position of Head - Operations in a span of just four years. Her imperative effort in the implementation of an Internal Circular solution and Compliance Monitoring software at one of the major private sector banks in India, won her several accolades and widespread appreciation!

Shortly after her stint in operations, she took over as the Head – Administration & People Investment, in addition to being responsible for handling the Finance and Accounts of the company.

Today with over 14 years of experience at Alpha Plus Technologies and being a finance enthusiast, Anjali is Head (VP) Finance & Content Management managing the Finance Function at APT, in addition to overseeing the content management operations, which is the backbone of our flagship solution – Knowledge Management Tools (KMT)!

Holding a B.Com degree and Diploma in Business Management, Anjali has rallied around most of the functional divisions of the organization, be it technical or non-technical. A child at heart and an energy-filled young woman, Anjali loves to engage herself in sports like badminton and enjoys watching Bollywood movies!

  • Ajay-choudahry Mr. Ajay Choudhary AVP - Technology

AVP - Technology

"A defining moment of my career was when I became a part of the APT family. It was then that I realized - it wasn't just about me or what I could do.
What REALLY mattered was how my actions and opinions could not only influence my seniors but also bring about results through the APPLES. Over the years, I've found that one thing that really improves our company culture is involvement in projects with a broad vision. "

Ajay joined Alpha Plus as a Software Developer in the year 2007. He brought along with him, a strong passion towards developing technology in the truest sense - to assist its users and ease their work via simple, logical tools rather than complex un-friendly systems!

In his early days, Ajay contributed to the development of most of the solutions at APT that have become industry favourites today. With his keen sense of the latest developments in technology and a natural habit of delivering the best before timelines, Ajay scaled the levels of hierarchy with clock-work precision and regularity.

In these years of service, Ajay has been a key player in bringing about several architectural changes in the products, keeping them up-to-date with the ever-so-dynamic global technology and overhauling the operations of the Technology Department - the backbone of Alpha Plus Technologies!

His dedicated effort towards the growth of Alpha Plus and sheer passion that he puts into every mundane task, has been his ticket to the elevated position that he holds at present, that of the Assistant Vice President - Technology. His key responsibility under this role is to execute the company's software visions by adopting the best in technology while maintaining the uniqueness of every single Alpha Plus product!

Armed with a Masters Degree in Computer Application, Ajay believes in letting his and his Team's work do the talking. A self-confessed geek, Ajay also enjoys listening to music and travelling when he allows himself the leisure!

  • Rhea Gursahani Ms. Rhea Gursahani Chief Product Officer (VP)

Chief Product Officer (VP)

"Innovation is the mother of all invention and it gives me immense happiness to lead this engine of innovation at Alpha Plus. Being the creative liberal that I am, the Alpha Plus work culture of 'just be yourself and trust your instinct' gave me the perfect wings and the freedom to fly out and bring in my best at work. I strongly believe, cherish and always share the same with all those around me that 'work is lots of fun' at Alpha Plus… Cheers! "

Rhea began her professional career in the year 2009 when she was appointed at Alpha Plus as part of the Marketing Team. She was recruited during placements from one of Mumbai's most reputed engineering colleges to the role of a Business Development Executive.

As a person always known for her meticulous methods, Rhea started achieving results and milestones right from the word go! Known for breaking one record after another; be it with respect to sales targets, branding of products or unveiling a new corporate identity for Alpha Plus, all challenges assigned to her have been pulled off with utmost finesse!

Her determined hard-work and immense knowledge of every product culminated into her being promoted, in less than 2 years of service, to Head - Products & Research, a very critical department in a company that specializes in products and researched content!

Today, Rhea is the mastermind behind several new products at APT! As Chief Product Officer (VP) her responsibilities include conceptualizing new products while innovating & enhancing the existing ones.

Being the creative person that she is, Rhea brings about artistic quality in everything she does; be it her paintings or even her style of dressing! Her fun-loving nature to the core and bubbly effervescence brings a smile to everyone who interacts with her.

  • Anusha Bhatia Ms. Anusha Bhatia Head (AVP) – Account Management &
    Liaison, Marketing & Internal Governance

Head (AVP) – Account Management & Liaison,
Marketing & Internal Governance

Academically, an Engineer in Biotechnology, Anusha's meteoric career at Alpha Plus began in the year 2010, when she was recruited from an eminent Engineering College in Mumbai as a Business Development Executive (BDE) in the Marketing Department. The considerable leaps that this revenue generating function saw through her contributions very early on in her career, most certainly made Anusha an instant force to reckon with!

The business statistics at Alpha Plus saw a colossal rise, as Anusha commenced her journey -expanding APT's clientele to include some of the renowned Organizations in Southern India – Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, thus building long lasting relations with the industry! These strengths, along with her killer instinct and sheer determination for results earned her laurels, when she was awarded for being the Highest Business Achiever 2012-13, in the Organization.

Into her sixth year as a part of the APT family, her dedication and passion towards her work, coupled with her strong analytical skills, had already got Anusha to swiftly climb ladders from a BDE, Sr. BDE, Team Lead – Marketing, Business Development Manager - spearheading one of the most crucial functions within the Organization - as 'Head – Business Development, Marketing & Internal Governance'!

With her 08 years’ experience at APT, she now rejigs her time and vast experience on handling the burgeoning Alpha Plus Clientele in addition to leading our new foray into Digital Marketing & Partner Alliances, in her role as a Head (AVP) – Account Management & Liaison, Marketing & Internal Governance.

Blessed with a jovial and kind personality, Anusha's warm nature is very welcoming, and has led to her reputation of being a profound problem solver at Alpha Plus. Her dynamism in thoughts, confidence and poise, has gained her recognition from Organizations across the nation!

A fun-loving and people's person, Anusha actively contributes to 'Employee Happiness' initiatives undertaken by the PI Team. Apart from all this, she is a fashion enthusiast, channelizing a powerful attitude which is always dressed to impress!

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