• Alpha Plus has helped me learn a lot about myself. The training experience here is the one thing I will remember throughout my life. The journey so far has been very interesting, creative and full of freedom in every moment I have spent here. Even Fresher's and Trainees are never short of a chance to learn, engage and enjoy. The concept of Seniority does not exist here, at Alpha Plus everyone is an equal!inteccapital


  • Working at Alpha Plus Technologies has been a great experience. I have seen some of the most disciplined, professional and hard working people here. The company gives you the full freedom to explore your ideas, views and concerns related to current issues. One of the best things about APT is the warm and friendly environment which gives you the confidence to approach anyone at any time. Apart from work, we also organize fun activities like games and pot-lunch on occasions such as Christmas and Annual Day. Testimonials-inverted_03


  • The culture at APT makes you feel like you are working for your OWN Company, which really gets the BEST out of you! In addition to your day-to-day work, several opportunities keep coming your way, be it exploring your creative juices or testing your leadership ability, helping you really grow and evolve as thorough professionals! Testimonials-inverted_03


  • Alpha Plus has not only given me my 1st job as an Engineer but also added qualities of discipline and precision in me. The down-to-earth nature of everybody in the organization including the senior management makes the working environment very healthy and co-operative. Testimonials-inverted_03


  • APT has given me a platform to enhance my corporate skills, multiply my efforts and dedication and work in variable environments without distorting my potential. APT is a fun place to work. Along with the regular work schedule, there are many interactive sessions like 'Let's Talk Fridays', 'Knowledge Sharing Sessions' etc. APT would be a great choice for aspiring professionals starting their career, as it would give them the exposure and variety of work in an organized team orientated environment.Testimonials-inverted_03