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RBI Circulars, Quick Search, FEMA Regulations, BFSI Instructions, Regulatory Management Software Circular Management, Query Management, Repository of Instructions, Store Circulars, Retrieve old circulars
One stop access to all Banking and Financial Regulatory Information Create, approve and search all internal instructions for secure access by the entire staff
SOP Creation and Repository, Book of Instruction, Internal Manuals, E-book Business Manuals Monitor Compliance, Compliance Status,  Obligation Register, Banking Regulatory Compliance, RBI Compliance, Digitalizing Compliance
Create a repository of manuals and SOPs in an easy to view
e-book format
Automated compliance monitoring with action-based compliance status and reports
Task Escalation, Task Calendar, Manage Deadlines, Digital Reminders, Report & Dashboard for all tasks, Returns Tracking Secure Meeting Software, Board Meeting, Director Packets, Corporate Governance, Agenda Meeting, Minutes of meeting, ATR, Automate meetings
Never miss a deadline! Manage all tasks, escalations and status reports effortlessly Securely manage board and committee meetings digitally and enable more efficient and effective governance
Document Management Software, Scanning Solution, Archival Reports, Records Management SmarTestPlus_Logo
Document management solution with capabilities of records and archive management Explore an easy way of creating and taking e-tests while also promoting knowledge accross the organization
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