At Alpha Plus, we truly believe in the phrase 'All work and no play make Jack a dull boy'. With our average employee age being in the range of 23 - 26, our People Investment Department is constantly on their toes to ensure that the entire Team also has some fun to look forward to at the work place. The periodically scheduled Get-Togethers, Pot Lunches, Sports Days, and Excursions are a great way for the Team to break the ice and let loose!

2009, the year when we turned HR Department into 'People Investment (PI) Department', saw the launch of our in-house magazine 'ALPHAZ' for our dear APPLES. It went on to become a common forum for one-and-all, from Senior Management to Office Assistants, to express their hidden inner-self. Today, Alphaz remains a historical feat of love and dedication for our beloved staff.

In 2011, we took yet another step towards stimulating the minds of our APPLES with the first-ever 'Knowledge Sharing Session' – an idea that puts the spotlight on themes that are a valuable knowledge boost and encourage a healthy environment of experience-sharing amongst all the APPLES. This small step turned into a monthly/bi-monthly idea under the title 'Knowledge Saturdays' given its scheduling on Saturdays. Today, the entire Team comes together at least once a quarter to discuss topics ranging from Leadership and Time Management to Financial Planning and Corporate Values! Since, APT consists of an amalgamation of people from all walks of life, and with varying years of experience, this initiative has received resounding success!

This was further encouraged with the introduction of 'Knowledge & Information Sharing Series (KISS)' by our Chairman - Founder, to share and inculcate his vast experience and values with a fortnightly email defining and elaborating on a new theme along with Mind Teaser questions that encourage each APPLE to think that what is not usually thought – oft-used yet least thought-of themes like Passion, Job Satisfaction, Employee & Employer Relationship, Expectations from Bosses, Lateral Thinking amongst others.

Recently, a new concept of 'Let's Talk Fridays (LTF)' was introduced to serve as a platform for some light-hearted discussions on topics which make an impact on everyone's lives, be it personal or professional.

The first ever Sports Day was held in early 2014 with phenomenal success and satisfaction for all APPLES and the best part – everyone participated! A one of a kind Corporate Out-Camp visit to Nature Trails Resort was conducted that united the entire APT Team together for a day of adrenalin pumping activities like Rappelling, River Crossing and Canoeing. With Alpha Plus completing its glorious 25 years in the industry, the organization renewed its determination by realizing its success over the years and gearing up towards a goal oriented future through an elaborate, extremely over-whelming and fun filled celebration!

All in all, along with honing the skills and bringing out the best in the APPLES professionally, Alpha Plus ensures that the environment remains constantly charged with discussions that are conducive to their growth and all round development.

Are you game to be a part of this vibrant family of like-spirited crazy people?

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