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The logo of ‘ASHHA’ represents the cause of our CSR initiative – ‘children’ & ‘education’ and the motto – ‘to spread hope and happiness…’

The primary element is the Blackboard – one of the first words that come to our minds when we think of ‘children’ and ‘education’. The sketches and colors give a nostalgic and happy feeling of one’s childhood. Each letter of the word ‘ASHHA’ has been chalked on the blackboard using the most commonly used colored chalks – white, blue, pink, etc.

The ‘illumination’ on the letters ASHHA signifies ‘light’ indicating that brand ASHHA, through its desire of supporting the cause of ‘education for children’, aims to bring ‘knowledge’ and ‘light’ into the lives of the lesser privileged children.

The birds coming out of the last “A” signifies freedom and happiness.

A day with Akanksha Foundation at Janabai & Madhavrao Rokde Municipal School – OCTOBER 2018

Promoting knowledge and education has been the foundation of the CSR Initiatives for Alpha Plus Technologies. In the 2018 edition, our Institution partnered with Akanksha Foundation & visited the Janabai & Madhavrao Rokde Municipal School at Masjid, Mumbai.

The school plans ‘Learning Groups’ for students every Saturday, to cover cultural and extra-curricular activities like Drama, Music, Dance, Cooking, Sports, Karate, Best-out-of-waste, Art & Craft, etc. A Team comprising of 25 ‘Alpha Plus Employees (APPLES)’ volunteered to participate and assist towards social and soft skill building for the students.

Each group had some volunteers from Alpha Plus Technologies, covering activity areas like Drama, Clay Modelling, Drawing, Cooking and Karate, to name a few. Without any doubt, the highlight of the event was the excitement shown by the children to participate with the APPLES, in addition to their contagious energy, creativity and talent!

An extremely memorable and fun-filled experience for us to assist them with making paper butterflies, be their sous-chef while they prepare their own version of Bombay-Chaat, watch them display their creativity in clay modelling and so much more…

Towards the end, we extended stationery for the students as a gesture from all of us and left with bags full of smiles and satisfaction!

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Life Beyond School 2017

Alpha Plus Technologies organized the second edition of “Life Beyond School”, under our CSR Initiative ‘ASHHA’, in partnership with Angel Xpress – a day dedicated for the cause of ‘children’ and ‘education’. With tremendous anticipation and excitement, we invited children to come learn with us and live a day in the life of a corporate individual.

The motive of the day was to:

  1. Ensure every child understands the basic usage of a computing device;
  2. Enjoy, Learn and Live the excitement which every day brings in our lives

The day was divided into a set of events, starting from our customary ‘grand welcome’, during which the APPLES performed a dance and encouraged all children to come forward and match their beat with us. This was followed by a learning session, during which every child was mentored by an APPLE, who not only taught the basics of computer but also encouraged the child to explore the internet for its vast usage.

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What is a day full of learning if it does not include fun?

We also organized a series of games for the children which were not only enjoyed by them, but also by the accomplices from Angel Xpress and our beloved APPLES altogether. All-in-all, the children not only enjoyed the fun and learning, but also took home a small token of gratitude presented by our Management.

As mentioned by a representative of Angel Xpress herself, it was a day well spent and it was a pleasure to see the entire staff at Alpha Plus Technologies engaging with the children all day during the technical and fun based sessions.

^ APPLES refers to Alpha Plus Employees

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Christmas with the Wish-Kids

“Be the reason someone smiles today….”

As a part of Alpha Plus’ Silver Jubilee Celebration, we collaborated with ‘Make-A-Wish’ Foundation to be a part of an eventful day in the life of a child in need. The CSR event was organized at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital to grant the special wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions, thereby attempting to support the journey with hope, strength & joy!

In addition to the contribution made by the company, several APPLES came forward and generously contributed for this beautiful initiative – ‘APPLES Granting Wishes this Christmas!’ Keeping the spirit of Christmas in mind, a series of events were organized for the children, starting with a welcome dance by the APPLES, followed by activities like ‘Putting up the Christmas Tree’ and ‘Musical Chair’ which were thoroughly enjoyed by the children and their parents.

The highlight of the event was when the children took center-stage and performed amidst cheers and smiles from their parents and Alpha Plus employees…the performances included dancing, singing, reciting, etc., whatever the child desired.

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Staying true to the theme of a Merry Christmas, our in-house Santa Claus was ready with the gifts, to fulfil the wishes of the kids! The expression of excitement and happiness on the faces of all the children after receiving what they had wished for was extremely joyful, heartening and thrilling to see for the Alpha Plus Team.

Wishes were granted for 30 children in all!

The children went home not only with a smile, but also with a new-found sense of connection with the APPLES, something which we all will embrace and cherish together.

“We went there to provide for the ones in need, but came back with newfangled emotions and friendships”

^ APPLES refers to Alpha Plus Employees

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Life Beyond School 2016

Alpha Plus Technologies, under the ambit of ASHHA, organized a one-day event called ‘Life Beyond School’ for children of J. M. Rishbi Trust (a part of the Holy Family School).

An initiative that was launched with an aim to bring ‘knowledge’ and ‘happiness’ into the lives of the lesser privileged children.

This event saw all the ‘Alpha Plus Employees (APPLES)’ come together to be trainers – mentors and buddies to the 32 students who joined us at our office, for the day! The atmosphere was filled with laughter, happiness, kindness and positivity…

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As these children were in the age group of 13 – 15 years, and would soon decide about their higher studies, the agenda of the event was to:

  1. Share about the various career options available to them in today’s day and age, alongside discuss about the education qualification that would be required after Standard X to pursue their chosen career and ambition… an initiative to encourage education and guide them on how to decide the next path!
  2. Provide the corporate exposure: Give a glimpse of the corporate world and talk about the various roles and functions that exist at any corporate / business organization

The time-table for the day started with Insights into the world of Alpha Plus; followed by a session on the various career options available to the children and a personalized skill-based learning session for each child under the ‘Share-a-chair’ initiative; moving on to a fun and knowledgeable quiz which was a part of the ‘Spin-the-wheel’ / ‘Paheliyon ka Pahiya’ activity; ending with sensitizing the children on important topics like cleanliness and general hygiene through the medium of documentaries, over some pop-corn; and lastly a small token of gratitude and goodies presented by Team Alpha Plus.

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