"Necessity is the mother of all invention… Vision is the father of all things unique… And when Necessity meets Vision, a unique invention (read 'Genius') is born!"

It is this very need and vision that led to the invention of some of the most unique technological solutions at ALPHA PLUS TECHNOLOGIES (APT) that have been adopted at large scales across various sectors…

Having worked in India's largest bank for nearly 25 years, the founder of APT experienced the real world difficulties faced in day-to-day business functions. With the outlook of overcoming these difficulties, he conceptualized various applications that simply automate and improve the routine processes, without changing them and instead increasing value addition with advanced futuristic provisions!

This is exactly what APT excels at today…

Founded in 1992, APT is the new generation provider of powerfully smart solutions for the global market. Though our expertise belongs to the BFSI Industry, given our great suite of Compliance solutions that ease your transition into the Basel–II arena, APT has today ventured into new frontiers of Business Technology providing one-stop solutions across industry verticals suitably aligned for efficient operations and smoother processes.

Our range of products span an extremely wide spectrum ranging from our industry gold-standard on Knowledge Management of Regulatory & Statutory Content, to the advanced tool for Instant Information Dissemination & Communication, the hugely popular Compliance Monitoring and Reporting, very unique Archive Management solution and the one-and-only one-stop Meeting Management automation.

Often referred to as 'Indian BFSI's Pioneer in unique work-flow solutions', 'Guardians of Compliance' and being one of the rare few product-based companies in the industry, APT continues to grow while moving ahead on its path towards CUSTOMER EMPOWERMENT through KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION, SIMPLIFICATION & VALUE ADDITION!

We cherish not only those whom we serve but also those who serve us and help us live by our ideals of Integrity, Ethics, Honest & Friendly Advisory and Symbiotic and Respectful Relationships.

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